1. cascading pile of cellulite, usually located on the mid torso section of the body but in some rare occasions flabalanches have been reported in the jowl and thigh regions.

2. often associated with creatures that use the sir name jabba. see: jabba the slut
A: don't look now but your cousin is takin' off her shirt again.

A: that's got to be the biggest flabalanche i've ever seen! that's some seven layer burrito shit.

B: shut the fuck up man! why you lookin?

A: your cousin's tore up yo!
by ob1 March 30, 2004
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The moment when a woman pulls off a tight outfit and flab that had been bound like sausage in it's casing comes cascading down.
I couldn't believe she was going to sleep with me - until she pulled off her dress. Once I saw that flabalanche, it all made sense.
by The Commodore August 27, 2008
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The effect caused when a woman with a large gut or gunt wears low rise pants thus causing an avalanche of flab over the top of the pants. see also muffin top.
That bitch had on true religion jeans, but that flabalanche was killing me.
by sam cheng March 31, 2006
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when your fat roll jostles. bystanders beware..
As she danced in her low rise jeans, a flabalanche occured harming those nearby.
by buhdog August 5, 2008
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A person carrying lots of fat and flab, often wearing leggings
Ew, it's a flabalanche!
That is well manky -that fat momma's peach leggings, flabalanche!
by User_87 December 11, 2014
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What falls out of your T-shirt when you are pulling your hoodie over your head...
She refused to take off her shirit in the hot tub in hopes that no one would mention her flabalanche.
by BorderlineBarbie April 9, 2016
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(noun): The abdominal area of someone whose body has normal fat distribution, except for their stomach, which is so fattened by beer, it is an avalanche of flab spilling over their pants.
Yo my uncle bob unbuttoned his pants and we got smothered in his flabalanche and nearly suffocated
by Frau Kak March 11, 2003
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