The best fucking song by coldplay ever.
I will try to fix you. First heard on The OC
by Fej June 04, 2005
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If someone is 'fixing-you' it means that they are trying their hardest to heal your injury using their buttocks.
A good example of this is when someone has an eye infection, so the best way to heal this infection is to pin down the person with the infected eye and get someone, preferrably with a really hairy gooch, to plant their meat canyon on to the infected area. It is guaranteed to make the person feel heaps better. Often really ugly chicks also need to be 'fixed' so instead of staring at their misfortunate face, feel free to tie them to a car bonnet and apply the 'fixing-you' method to their hideous face. hoje!
by BIG MACCA October 05, 2005
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Meaning to re-pay or pay for something taken or used in advance of payment.

Commonly used in New Zealand when acquiring a tinnie before dole-day.

'Hook-you-up' can be used as substitute in most situations.
Cuz flick us a tinnie now and I'll fix you up on payday bro
by KIWIJARED February 04, 2011
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