Someone who is slim built like the thin end of a five pound note.
Person 1: "are you going for a run"
Person 2: "no a dinnae dae that, you dinnae need tae either, yer built like the gable end o' a fiver
by Cami Campbell March 4, 2017
A small amount of cannabis resin, knwon as a fiver draw
ere mate got any tack ?
nah mate....
Fuck it then we'll go and get a fiver d
by BoroLaduk November 23, 2006
Short for a five star which is a hard slap on the back that is painful. It's a term used by middle schoolers and young teens
let me give you a fiver.
Threaten me and I'll give you a fiver
by kcis June 24, 2019
When you give someone a handjob but your hand is wrinkly and pruned up from water.
Yesterday when after we went swimming my boyfriend convinced me to give him a wrinkly fiver.
by Brad1776 January 2, 2018