"Fit" means "what" in Aberdonian in north east Scotland its also a describing word for somone that is hot or sexy.
Someone says: Gregs Mum is a babe!
Greg says: fit ya' on aboot?

"Wow your sister is fit"
by Joe Grant April 08, 2008
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abbreviated word for "outfit".
Friend: Hey bro what did you do today.
You: Oh ya know went to the mall and got some new fits:
by sexy titty September 23, 2016
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amazingly atractive( bona givin' eye openin,mouth gaspin,breath stoppin attractivness
dude1(tounge out)"dnt u think shez propa fit?"
dude2"fuck off m8 thats my mum!"
dude1"sorry m8 but look @ that even fitter girl ova there!"
dude2(mouth open)" ahh yeah now thats wat im talkin bout(looking @ boobs) ohh yeah...."
by max the gr8r January 06, 2004
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Short for the noun outfit.
John: Nice fit Dwight, where'd ya get it?

Dwight: Urban outfitters

John: Cool!
by douglastomkinson January 18, 2015
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Acronym created by me, Sean Newman, to shorthand social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.
Person: I'll post it on your Facebook.

Me: I don't have FITS.

Person: Huh?

Me: I don't do social media.

Person: *gasp* You, you WHAT?!
by Mr. Peas July 08, 2017
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British slang word. Someone who is extremely good looking and another word for ‘hot’
He is so fit!
by Despic June 27, 2018
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