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a) Meaningless intellectual jabberish produced by white males (in their thirties).
b) words of wisdom by Richard Fish (character in Ally McBeal tv-series)
Richard Fish: You're not who you are, you're only what other people think you are. Fishism.
Richard Fish: Make enough money, and everything else will follow. Quote me.
by fann May 15, 2007
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Discrimination against fish or any aquatic creature similar to speciesism.
"I would guess that the view that human beings matter to other human beings more than fish do is, to say the least, widespread. At any rate, I wish to defend fishism..." Jeffrey Alan Grey
by xanfxanf March 26, 2010
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1. A situation where an individual has made a strong political statement about their beliefs and ethical code that is reflected through their dietary habits does not extend this moral framework to the aquatic species.
Joe, a vegetarian for ethical reasons, supports fishism by eating sushi.
by meatneutral March 27, 2008
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