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1. A popular kids toy manafacturer

2. to insult something, as if it was childlike
1. Fisher-price make some weird toys

2. That software looks so fisher-price mate - go find a new skin for it.

2. Your mother couldnt work a VCR even if it was made by fisher-price
by Richieeee August 03, 2004
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Referring to someone who is hot but under the age of 18. Or something that is not made to last.
Bruh Bruh that sluther right their is hella Fisher Price, fresh off the swings!


Man this plastic watch I got from China is hella Fisher Price.
by 2DotDee July 08, 2011
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Being under the age of sixteen and therefor illegal to have sex with
"Dude, that girl is so hot!"
"Yeah i know, but sorry mate she's fisherprice"
by MagicMushrooom September 23, 2009
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to explain something in a very very simple language.

particularly without use of jargon or without use of words used by subject matter experts.
fisher-price this for me
by Anugrah August 31, 2016
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When somthing is defined as crappy, cheap or, boring
Person#1 Hey did you like that concert

Person# 2 not really I thought it was kinda Fisher price
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by Don god June 25, 2018
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