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An up and coming rapper from the stl. The cousin of famous rapper smooth whyte, firecracka is currently workin on his debut cd and wrasslin sweaty boys in his spare time.
Bob: Hey Paul, u hear about that new sex symbol, the firecracka?

Paul: Yes, I just saw him wrestle some sweaty boys down to the ground and he looked so cute doing it!!! no homo
by whytehaze July 11, 2008
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noun -- Crazy white shooter(s) that prefer to conduct their rampages in schools and movie theaters.
John: Do you want to go see the new Adam Sandler movie on Friday?
Jane: I don't know... another Adam Sandler film might bring out one of the Firecrackas.
John: Good point. Maybe we should just play it safe and see the new Batman film instead.
by Hexum311JH August 19, 2015
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A Caucasian pyromaniac, typically seen with fireworks on all limbs and a sparkler sticking out of his erect penis's urethra.
Didn't I tell you to tell your husband to stop with the dick fireworks? bitch i will cut you! And as for you, Fire-Cracka, you crazy!
by MS-DOS February 12, 2012
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