Misuse of a safety mechanism, like a fire alarm, danger hotlines or report buttons on a website, to censor speech without regard to the intent of the safety mechanism.

A type of rulebombing.


Fire alarming is a problem, because it:

(a) disrespects actual instances of dangerous events the mechanism is designed to prevent, and
(b) causes people who have to monitor uses of that safety mechanism to show skepticism to future uses of that safety mechanism, since the number of serious instances are diluted.
I posted a video critical of this girl's ideology on YouTube, but now all of her supporters are fire alarming me.
by PaleBlueYacht May 13, 2013
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When having sex with a girl in her parents house, or anywhere risky, once you are done ejaculating, you yell as loud as you can so everyone can hear awoooooga!!! or FIRE!!! and then exit the area immeadiately
Hey man, I went over to Becca's house during her little brother's birthday party, and I did a perfect fire alarm! They actually called the fire department!!!
by Matt and Rob March 15, 2008
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To open a girls pussy lips, and pour hot sauce inside until she screams
I gave Tiffany quite the fire alarm yesterday
by Anthony5344 June 14, 2017
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When people are evacuated from a building, usually during times of harsh, brutal weather, and are left standing in the blistering cold for a long period of time for no reason.
The fire alarm went off and we had to stand outside in the blizzard for three hours when there was never a fire to begin with
by Niko 22 December 16, 2011
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This red thing on the wall that you pull when you want to get out of work.
Johnny pulled the fire alarm today, so we got out of work 30 minutes early.
by NugsNotDrugs March 22, 2015
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A very annoying piece of shit that allows you to go nuts
Fire alarm nutttttts
by NASADUDE13 November 25, 2019
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Used at public building to aware people that a new mix tape has been dropped
*fire alarm sounds*

I guess daquan dropped a new mixtape
by treyvon2014 April 5, 2015
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