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The painful but satisfying art of rubbing pink batts on your johnson until it bleeds, then rubbing city stop herbals on your genitalia with the desired effect of the herbals entering your blood stream quicker and thus giving you a bigger 'herbal high'.
Oi Oi, did you hear that Boyer pulled that d grade skanger Tiffany home last night but he was quite tired so he thought he would finnaz it up so that he didnt fall asleep. It was sorta sweet because he has a really hot spicy rash on his bell end but sorta not that sweet because his aunt is coming around for her quarterly bell end inspection. In retrospect, he should have waited till tomorrow, but he reckons he couldn't wait that long. Seriously bro, I shit you not.
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A type of pirate that wears two hats.
A: Did you see that boosh episode with Jimmy Two hats in, that man is quality.
B: He's no Finnaz though.
by Finnaz April 12, 2008
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