The whole month of February, girls are not allowed to masterbate
John: Hey Jessica, are you ready for Fingerless February
by BobbyMcGuffin69 November 05, 2020
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fingerless february is something all women must do, and involves one month a year (february) where you are not allowed to finger yourself or be fingered.

also called FF.
- hey, r u doing fingerless february this year?
- yeah girl it’s gonna be hard
- i know i know good luck by the way
- thanks u 2
by 123cn321 November 04, 2019
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The act of having sex but not using any body parts.

This can be achieved by imagining someone else having sex with you (or vice versa), as you will feel as if someone (who does not exist) is an anal driller, ravaging your insides.
Chris: Hey John, have you seen Matthew recently?
John: No, last time I talked to him he was on his way some Fingerless Fun, I am pretty sure he is in his room.
Chris: The one time we need him and he is off fucking himself, GOD DAMMIT MATTHEW!!!!!!
by theShuaBruh July 16, 2017
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