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A slang term that has multiple meanings.

The first is the obvious one, which means using your fingers to stimulate a woman and her hot spot. In short, fingering

The second is a slang term for marijuana, nuggets, pot, weed, chronic, dojer, green, herb, sticky icky, cabbage, getting high, smoking, mary jane and bud

Last but not least, its a literal meaning of putting finger nail polish on your finger nails.
Example used in Devin the Dudes 2007 song What a Job feat Snoop and Andre 3000 (greatest rapper alive)

'See we do it for that boi that graduated
That looked you in your eyes real tough and said 'preciate it
And that he wouldn'ta made it if it wasn't for your CD number 9
And he's standing with his baby momma Kiki and she cryin' talkinbout
That they used to get high to me in high school
And they used to make love to me in college
Then they told me 'bout they first date, listenin' to my tunes
And how he, like to finger nail polish
I say hate to cut you off but I gotta go
I wish you could tell me mo' but I'm off to the studio, gotta write tonight
Hey, can you put us in your raps songs I don't see why not
Devin it's the Dude you gon' probably hear him talking 'bout '
by Sabers January 09, 2008
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