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A guy who can get any girl or hoe in a quick amount of time and it is done with a master technique. It is an art of perfection, intricacy, and delicacy. It should be flawless by talking and texting. A fuckboy is not a finesse god.
Jake: Hey Brit, did you see Jeffrey last night talking to that girl?
Brittany: Yeah he already got topped.

Jake: He's a real finesse god.
by warthunder_123b June 14, 2016
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God of finessing. Slight work. Finesses everything in their path.
Person 1: β€œWhere did you get all this stuff?”
Person 2: β€œI’m the finesse god. Thought you knew.”
by Brock44 November 07, 2017
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A guy who thinks he is the actual shit when it comes to the ladies, but eventually he loses his touch and becomes a pathetic weak ass cunt. Not to be confused with the finesse goddess, who will always trump a finesse god because well...the finesse god ain't finessing shit unless the finesse goddess allows him to.
Fuck Boy 1: Hey bro you are such a finesse god, you can get any woman you want
Fuck Boy 2: Yea but did you see that one girl turn me down?..She is a bad ass finesse goddess.
by Empress1980 December 19, 2016
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