How lawyers and cell phone service providers make money.

Commonly reads: "Some restrictions may apply / Allow 6-10 weeks for delivery / Offer valid only on Feb. 29 / Additional charges may apply"
"Holy shit, why am I paying $4,800?"

"Should've read the fine print, jackass."
by Ottomite June 28, 2008
Always read the fine print. You think you ar buying a pack of cocain, but you DIDN'T READ THE FINE PRINT, and it turns out your buying 50 pounds of dry wall.
"Hey i just bought 50 pounds of dry wall!"
"you should've read the fine print you faggot."
"But its cocain want some?"
by The Urban Baller May 20, 2016
A meal at a very upscale haute cuisine restaurant where the food portions are about the size of the fine print you normally see on contracts
I knew I was in for a fine print meal when the lowest priced entree on the menu was $40 and it was mac and cheese. Then I looked at the next table and saw something that looked like a pigeon rib that read rack of ribs on the menu. Looks like McD's is for dessert.
by yosoycubano June 7, 2009