2 definitions by yosoycubano

1. The act of taking something relatively simple and making it longer, more deeply confusing more complicated and difficult to execute.

2. The opposite of streamlining
We could have elected to keep the process streamlined but took a riverlining approach adding 3 layers of complexity and 2 additional remote locations to the process in an effort to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
by yosoycubano May 20, 2009
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A meal at a very upscale haute cuisine restaurant where the food portions are about the size of the fine print you normally see on contracts
I knew I was in for a fine print meal when the lowest priced entree on the menu was $40 and it was mac and cheese. Then I looked at the next table and saw something that looked like a pigeon rib that read rack of ribs on the menu. Looks like McD's is for dessert.
by yosoycubano June 7, 2009
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