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How lawyers and cell phone service providers make money.

Commonly reads: "Some restrictions may apply / Allow 6-10 weeks for delivery / Offer valid only on Feb. 29 / Additional charges may apply"
"Holy shit, why am I paying $4,800?"

"Should've read the fine print, jackass."
by Ottomite June 28, 2008
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There are several meanings. A jig is a term that usually means some sort of undefined, convenient device, a happy-go lucky dance that is performed on the spot while pumping the arms, bouncing up and down and kicking out the feet or rarely a social gathering, which is a bastardization of the word "gig" popularized by yuppie teenagers.
"Hand me that drill press jig."

"Wow, Billy Bob is doing the best jig I've seen since the 1904 World's Fair!"

"Want to go to Oswald's jig this friday?" - "That's gig you fucking moron..." - "I'm sorry Simon, you know I get my g's, j's and q's mixed up..." - "Just shut the fuck up and go to your Mom's mah jong "jig" by yourself thursday and stay up all night watching Macgyver so you're too tired to annoy me at Ozzy's."
by Ottomite July 11, 2008
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