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the alterntive word to "NiggerFaggot" which is mainly used in public to not offend a active niggerfaggot.
(black people are present) hey look at that figgernaggot jon smith.!

by Jadonian August 25, 2007
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Only whites can say this.
Any blacks heard saying it will be tasered by the authorities, not shot because thats racist.
Black: "Figger Naggot"
Authority: "Get down on the ground!"
*Helecopter noises*


iDubbbz: "Thats an edgy nigger!"
Authority: "Thank you iDubbbz for reporting."
by Jared from speedway October 18, 2017
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Someone who you seriously want to offend in a public area, but don't want to be seen as a racial offender.
HEY! Come back here with my watermelon, you figger naggot!
What did he just say?
It's okay, he didn't use a racial slur.
by Finna Succ a Nut January 20, 2017
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A word that is derived from "Niggerfaggot" and means the same thing but is allowed to be said on Youtube to keep it appropriate to all ages and for you to not seem like the massive cunt that you are.
Was pinned on a Youtube video by a gay retard opening boxes.
Person: "Idubbbz is a figgernaggot"
Other person: "Of course he is, he's also a gay retard"
via giphy
by What're you fucking gay? October 09, 2017
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A word used by slave owners when talking to their male and female slaves, occasionally black; used long ago; adjective
by __Mudkip October 31, 2017
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idubbbz is a figger naggot and he did your mom and thats why she is dead
yo idubbbs just figger naggot you.
by Your mum died April 20, 2017
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