Fifth-cousin-twice-removed (5C2R).
My fifth-cousin-2X-removed is a good person.
by N8953SW June 27, 2021
Fifth-cousin-ten-times-removed (5C10R).
My fifth-cousin-10X-removed is a good person.
by N8953SW June 27, 2021
The shoe thirty five year old people stuff up their ass when people tell them they are having a mid life crisis
John take out that thirty fifth shoe from your wife's ass
by Real value August 29, 2019
Hey do you know what happened with Amy?

Sorry man, but i’m fifthing
by BasicallyCap May 2, 2020
Fifthing someone is when you ask someone to fill the fifth slot
Yo bro stop fifthing me
No u, let me fifth you bro
by DrewskieVR April 21, 2020
When you ask someone to fill that fifth slot
Hey bro are you fifthing me?
Heck yeah bro, wanna be a fifth?
Stop fifthing me bro!
by DrewskieVR April 21, 2020
A negative social effect in which a new person in a friend group usually thinks he's friends with the people in the group. And tries his hardest to integrate into their social structure. But the people in the friend group usually treat him as a friend. But in reality, they're doing it not to upset him/her. They usually treat the new person like a dick. Acting nice while also putting him/her in the background.

Usually named so because the new person mostly tends to be fifth one. Most social structures consists out of people in groups of 4.
John: "I asked Kevin if he would want to hang out some time. He said yes but he just straight up ignored me after I tried to ask him when but he ignored me. At the end of it he hung out with another friend and completely ignored me."

Bob: "John, it looks like you have fifth friend syndrome."
by TheSmellyCheeseBoi April 8, 2022