Noun: A total fanatic of the band Creature Feature that will do whatever it takes to make Curtis R and Erik X's plan for world domination. Often has the exacct number of days until the next Friday the 13th or Halloween. Believes everyday is Halloween. Often wises you the worst of luck. Bad luck is they're good luck. True Fiends are often the slightest bit insane. Often jokes around about body snatching, grave robbing, and not using Halloween decorations but the real thing... or doesn't joke. Fiends are a intresting creature that will usually wait for something bad to happen. They're often ghastly so, don't be surprised if they're amti-social.
Guy 1: Woah, you see that chick releasing spiders over there?
Guy 2: Ya, I saw her setting up ladders the other day.
Girl 1: Weird. I saw her with a shovel at the Graveyard last week.
Guy 1: Hey Fiend! Have the time 'till Halloween?
Fiend: 88 days!
by SweetandSadistic August 10, 2012
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Someone who acts obnoxious, or extremely crazy. Often used with the term "ratchet"
"You ratchet fiend!" Billy screamed when Jill made a fool of herself in public.
by Ratchet Rach February 07, 2013
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One of who's actions are fiendish in nature; A malevolent person; American reporters.
If it bleeds, it leads.So, more "terror" stories at 11. CNN, warmongering fiend network.
by LORD HELL FEAR BLOOD March 17, 2003
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Something or someone cruel, inhumane or wicked.
The fiend Wizard challenges you to his dungeon.
by Valoons March 16, 2016
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Michael Cocca
If mike doesn’t hit a juul every five minutes he starts shaking. Mike is a fiend.
by Jfiend February 26, 2018
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When a Teammate or Opponent in Rocket League spams "Nice Shot!" or "What a Save!" in chat after missing an easy goal or save.
I know I missed that easy save, but that freaking fiend on the other team is spamming "Nice Shot!" in the chat, and that is totally uncalled for!
by MiladaOG August 16, 2017
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someone who is addicted or "fiending" for something, either being food or drugs or an activity.
person 1: Yo! Do you know who Jesse is?
person 2: Who the fiend?
person 1: Yeah! The fiend!
by sea nanners September 02, 2010
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