A complely non-homosexual but very sexual looking act preformed mostly by US Marines and Army soldiers to piss off their comrades and or superiors. This generally involves one soldier being 'the bitch' and recieving less than welcome sexual acts to himself from the other marines.
Dude, you should have been there, we field fucked the shit out of Ted!
by sir nick the great March 7, 2006
The act of getting involved with a particular practice in the environment in which the practice is typically performed.
Harold: So Llyod, I heard that you're going to be filming the football game tonight for your video class!

Llyod: That's right Harold, it should be some mighty-fine field-fucking!
by JavaTheMocha October 8, 2010
Where a couple runs onto a football field during a game usually at half time and has public sex on it.
Did you see John and Kathy field fucking?
by Deep blue 2012 June 22, 2010
When you lose your virginity to an Arab in a grassy, open field.

This term commonly comes into play when an Arab asks a typical, white, horse-loving gal.
Arab Guy: “hey, I wanna take your virginity, let’s field fuck baby”

Horse-Loving white girl: Sorry, but you are NOT taking my virginity in a field
by Gabr-Alouise June 11, 2017
An act which includes a ginger girl a condom and anal
Girl “Hey baby you up for a Huddersfield field fuck?”

Guy “Hell no you nasty!”
by Big Stonker February 4, 2018