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the coolest and harriest person you'll ever meet. Someone who always gets the hottest chicks and fucks them all before anyone can get a hold of them. Someone who also has all the hook ups and shit you need.
"yo, that was cool."
"no, that was ferg."
"your such a pimp."
"yea, stop bein so ferg-like."
by snufalufagis June 19, 2006
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Verb- 1)To mess something up, to due something inconceivable
2)Passive- To get ferged: To be arrested, punished, or disciplined in some fashion for something outrageous you did.
3) To make a deposit in a cumdumpster.
See cumdumpster for more details.
"This is your warning. If i catch you doing this again I'll have to FERG you."
"Man you you really FERGED that up."
"Get a couple of beers in her and you can FERG her for sure."
by J. M. April 20, 2005
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Another word for how one presents them self. Originating from the famous pop artist, Fergie, also a step up from one's "swag". Mainly used by people who have realized that "swag" is an extremely over-used term.

Basically, with the same roots as swag, it is either a persons demeanor, or can also be used to state how much "ferg" a person really has.
Roy has incredible ferg, hes got women all over him!

Stevens ferg is off da chain!
by KHelluh August 07, 2011
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