A term for an emotional individual. The F found in 8 of 16 MBTI types. Prioritises emotions over logical conclusions.

Often has mental breakdowns. In which case, don't try and give a solution to their problems. Just listen.
INTJ: Yeah, he's a feeler. I could tell by his endless emotional havoc that tears down the walls I built around my heart.
ENFP: Am I really that bad?
INTJ: Marginally better than ESFP. Not only is she a feeler, she's a sensor. And all sensors are unintelligent animals.
ENFP: Wow, are you saying that sarcastically?
by typologer June 23, 2020
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A tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others. Generally "feeler" is a term used when selling something when the seller isn't sure if they want to sell it or keep it. They might post an ad saying with the forewarning, feeler, when they are on the fence about getting rid of something to see people's response and offers. Many times feelers are put up for sale and sold, but sometimes the owner decides to keep.

It's essentially like putting your toes in the water to feel the temperature before jumping in all the way. Sometimes we get in, sometimes we don't.
Feeler: 2005 Subaru STi with tasteful mods 35k NJ
by ultravulture October 31, 2009
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noun ; someone who feels that he or she is very important when, in fact, he or she is not
"Person 1: OMG! Did you see how Kate acted at Matt`s party?!

Person 2: I KNOW! She`s such a feeler."
by chryzz March 7, 2009
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An emotional state or disposition; an emotion; feeltesties
Lena hurt my feelers and made me cry.
by lenar January 12, 2004
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it's exactly what it sounds like pplz :
1. you hurt my feelers
2. i have big feelers for you
3. i'm overwhelmed with mixed feelers when i see you
4. i got big feelers :
by PirateNinjaCow January 18, 2010
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1)a divice , or divices used to understand the composition of a subject matter

2)your hands
The blind man used his feelers to tell if the girl was hot or not
by threethirtycrew August 8, 2005
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To send an unwarranted advancee towards the opposite sex via text messaging.
Rob: Dude did send that chick a feeler?
by rkramer3030 December 6, 2008
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