A program used to erase the contents of a computer hard drive and divide the disk up into logical drives that can then be formatted and used for storage. It is most commonly thought of with MS Windows and it's ancestors. There is a program for Linux called fdisk that does the same thing.
My hard drive is corrupt to the point where it is unusable. I'm going to run fdisk and try a fresh installation of Windows.
by Jason January 26, 2004
Primarily, FDISK is a utility for partitioning a hard disk drive. It can also be used to escape from all manner of troublesome situations and as a generic response to any query, technical or otherwise, especially if you happen to be a resident of the United Quake Kingdom.
Person #1:"Does anyone know how to change the desktop wallpaper in Windows XP?"
Person #2:"FDISK."
by .ben April 16, 2003
The one and only greatest solution for every computer problem ever, you don't even have to know how to use it properly. Fdisk removes any software problems, on any operating system, simply and quickly.
"Damn, my internet explorer has been taken over with spyware"
"Oh a quick Fdisking will get rid of that".
by Moredhel July 14, 2004
fdisk (Noun) Program when improperly used can fuck up your computer.
Shit I just ran fdisk and now my computer won't boot.
by Ryan Baumgart October 21, 2004