When a person makes it sound like they are apologizing when, in fact, they are just shifting the blame or using twisted logic to argue their way out of responsibility for their actions.
When George said, "I guess we all just have to accept some of the blame here," I stopped listening because I knew it was just going to be another fauxpology.
by 52tease December 11, 2006
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when someone a apologizes with out really meaning it.
Sue had ask John several times not to stink up the bathroom. When John said he was sorry Sue told him not to give her his fauxpology's.
by Bobsacimmet March 16, 2011
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An insincere apology.
Anne and Brian did not offer up a fauxpology; it was sincere.
by ThundercockFTW October 8, 2017
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When you falsely apologize to someone to make you look like the bigger person, even though you don't mean a word of it.

Often used by pro athletes, movie stars, and politicians when they get caught cheating, making absurd comments, or get arrested for drugs.
After Tiger Woods slept with that stripper he had to offer a public Fauxpology.
by Superfly870 May 5, 2011
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A fauxpology is a non-apology offered when someone doesn't feel one fucking bit sorry.
Since he did not recognize nor care that he had caused offense, he tersely offered the following fauxpology: "I'm sorry if you were offended, but it's not like it's really a big deal eother way."
by RangerGeek September 1, 2019
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A fake or insincere apology.
Only delivered so you can move on with your damn life ,and appease the underserving recipient.
I issued my boss a fauxpology , so that I could finish up and leave early for a beach weekend.
by J-9-isms June 28, 2018
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