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When someone gives you a compliment, but it really isn't a compliment because they have a hidden agenda and/or they are not being genuine. You don't really know how to respond to this so you fake a cute laugh and say 'thank you' but you really know deep down it's a 'fauxpliment'.
Person 1: I'm pretty sure someone gave me a fauxpliment today.

Person 2: Wait, a what?

Person 1: A fauxpliment. They told me "you just get more and more stunning by the day".

Person 2: Awwwww that's so sweet.

Person 1: Um actually if I was getting more and more stunning by the day then I would have been signed by a modelling agency by now and Gigi Hadid would be my friend. Just saying.

Person 2: Oh wow. You are so right!
by MMZMTS January 12, 2018
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