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A fake comment on a Facebook status or picture. The comment is typed, then a screenshot is taken before the comment is submitted.

A fauxment is never actually submitted, and is typically a release of anger towards a person or an off-color remark that could be seen as offensive by others.
The other day, John posted the stupidest status about how much he loves Suzy, even though he's a closeted homosexual who has sex with me behind her back. I made a fauxment that said, "Oh yeah?! If you love Suzy so much how come last night you told her you were sick and then came to my place and fucked me senseless?"
by RoboCop6969 November 08, 2012
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When you share a fake moment with someone
He starred into my eyes and we had a fauxment cause i knew all he was thinking about was his girlfriend
by j03! December 13, 2009
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