1. Fear that an item you have purchased is a fake

2. Fear of fake items
1. Megan had a fauxbia that her $60 Chanel purse was too cheap to be real
by superdougio April 14, 2009
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Mal: "My dad has a phobia of morris dancing and irish jigs"
Me: "There's no such thing, you douche. That's a fauxbia"
by Philistine August 25, 2007
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The term comes from other words that are already established. "Faux" which is defined as fake, imitation, ersatz.

Common slang word “Bia” which is the "G" rated way of calling a woman/man a bitch.

When putting the two together you are calling someone a "fake bitch." Many times this is used when someone is acting like they are someone/something they are not.

Pronounced: fo'..bee..ah
Kim: Dayum.....did you see the Prada bag that girl was wearing?

Lakisha: Her daddy bought that shit for her fauxbia ass. She has two kids and no man, and she aint even got a job.

Kim: Fo' real?! She is a fauxbia fo' sure!
by Anthony Kranz September 21, 2007
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