A person who lives a nominally bohemian lifestyle but has family money to fall back on.
That Virginia Woolf, and the rest of the Bloomsbury Group, are bunch of faux-hemians.
by ealanm October 12, 2007
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One who imitates the look of bohemians, but is just a poser. A faux-hemian pretends that they just "throw" their messy outfits together, when really it took them four hours at Urban Outfitters.
"Ugh, did you see how hard X is trying to be boho?! She thinks she looks like Mary Kate... but I know she gets up at 5:00 to be ready for school at 7:00. What a faux-hemian!"
by a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie February 10, 2006
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Faux (fake) bohemian. A variation on yuppie, this type of person likes to act like an artsy, poor bohemian on the outskirts of society when they are in fact a middle-class ex-californian obsessed with fitting in. Seen most often in Portland, OR and other similar yuppie-ville towns.
Colin: That guy with the local coffee, expensive vintage clothing and typewriter is so popular in Hawthorne! I wonder why he never smiles?

Carolyn: Last year he was a producer in L.A. He is such a faux-hemian. If he smiled, it would blow his cover as a Stumptown coffee employee.
by EastPortlandGal September 16, 2008
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