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a combination of two root words; faux (meaning false) and aussie (meaning australian). describing one who falsely identifies him/herself with australian heritage, predominantly by mimicking a strong australian accent. this practice is commonly used when trying to seduce a very gullible and/or intoxicated individual.
1: (strong faussie accent) "ah, c'mon why won't you let me go 'down under' on you?"

2: "because i'm sober and you're clearly canadian."
by juko27 March 22, 2010
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Faussie - you take the concept of gayness (not homosexuality…GAYNESS), add being pussy whipped, scared to talk to anyone, chronic masturbation, a fascination with anime, various rash’s, dressing like the guy from Growing Up Gotti, and listing to venga boys and Celine Dion + bands that sound like they wrote their music while being grounded by their parents…and you still wouldn’t scratch the surface of what a faussie is. Here are some more guidelines in identifying a possible Faussie:

- Faussie’s tend to travel alone and often giggle while walking around street corners.
- Faussie's are the primary enemies of both Chuck Norris and Kiefer Sutherland
- When confronted with the concept of dancing a Faussie tends to look around with the eyeballs only and then shift his/her weight between legs in a strange balancing act-motion (this has been observed with more than one subject.
- Jesus doesn not love Faussies
- In the event of an emergency, a faussie should be the first one sacrificed
- Faussies are natural born Cock-Block’s; there is often no intention behind the block itself as Faussies are not equiped with balls or genital orgins... and once the subject Faussie has realized that he is indeed blocking (and will shortly be punished), the fright only makes the situation worse.
- Not a lot of people can be genuine Faussie's so you must use the term sparingly

It is impossible for me expend more energy on the subject at this point.

Fausse-Clot = a mix between the word ‘Faussie’ and ‘Blood-clot’
Flying-Faussie = An extremely Faussed out Faussie
Fausshole = Faussie + asshole (the actual hole itself)
History of the Term:
The word Faussie was first conceived in a fit of rage by a person only known as “souraj”; the word was uttered in an unintended manner and witness’s say it may have come as a result of divine intervention.
your a faussie....look...its a faussie...
by Kashman May 10, 2006
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