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Fatma is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has captivating brown eyes that will make you fall in love with her

. She has a crush on someone being with M. She is really quiet but once you get to know her you would want to being friends with her. She has nice smile. No matter how dark her life is she will try put a smile on your face. Her name does not mean fat so never mess with her.
Boy 1: Who is that
Boy 2 : I bet she is a Fatma
Boy 1: I wish she was mine
by cute cugsns November 24, 2017
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A girl who has a cute face and voice. She may not look like it but she's a gamer. She can be crazy at times...well actually...all the time. Loves piggy back rides. Has a crush on someone who's name starts with an A. First impression: Innocent. Never gets in trouble. Teacher's pet. Can be thick and dumb at times. But can be epicly smart when needed.
Fatma is so uncool but awesome.
by CaptainTeaTime April 29, 2011
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An amazingly sexy girl (or boy) who is so awkward and loves to eat like a pig. She's a huge asshole and can easily be mistaken for an innocent bitch. Dis motherfucker kisses teacher's asses to make sure she makes it all the way to the top with her stupid grades . She has a miserable love life and enjoys stalking people and mentally dating a hundred boys. She's quite blunt but she can be deeper than a whore's vagina. Yes, you read that right: a whore's vagina.
Fatma is so fucking nuts.
by Heyimweird December 16, 2014
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