a male who possesses all of the following attributes;
a minimum of 4 stones overweight,
cider drinker,
gambling addiction,
in love with ex,
experience of bar work,
a love of meat
original fatlad Sam, original fatlad Gareth, SID Guy, butterbean, fordham
by Fatlad Jesus February 3, 2007
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Basically this is the ratio applied to foodstuffs, by fat people whereby whatever the packaging states as how many people the foodstuff serves is divided by a minimum of 2. Used frequently in the North of England......
Fatlady: Says 'ere this cheesecake serves 4 people.
Fatlad: Well using Fatlad's Food Ratio, as we are fat, thats 2 people in our case!
by Your Local Hero February 21, 2008
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