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when a large or obses person joins a gym, pays the membership fees, but never goes. this way they dont have to feel guilty about their size in any way.
John: Dude, you dont fit anywhere, you seriously need to lose some weight!

Fat Jim: Hell no, i pay my fat tax!
by Brutillus January 05, 2008
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A federal tax on all states that deducts you eligible tax return every year for being OBESE. Based on your BMI.
dude 1: "Man, I may not have the Beetus, but that fat tax is straight up Nazi foreal yo."

dude 2: "Yeah, Roger is gonna go bankrupt!"

Roger: "Man, fuck the Police!"
by Them Flan Boyz (2) September 08, 2009
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Any thing that a normal sized/skinny man gets an adavntage on voer the fat guy.
such as (in order of most fat tax to not so much)
1. women fat people dont get women while normal/skinnys do
2.Jobs alot of fat people dont get jobs selling stuff
3.Social gathering fat people dont get invited to partys ect..
4.Social status fat people are looked down upon in sociaty
the list goes on....
Matt: so did tony ever get with that chick he liked
Fred: nah fat tax got him
by Big-Tony December 06, 2005
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Price an individual pays for a gym membership that is never used
Martha realized she had to pay her fat tax this month, since she didn't make time for the gym since her last payment.
by Hciqo3n48 August 23, 2019
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