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A rapidly growing altertanitive teen subculture, spawning from both hardcore and emo. They tend to care way more about the fashion then the actual music, ussually always re-dying thier enormous chunk of combed over hair, or cutting off the tips of gloves and taking pictures of them obssessively for online personals,(ie myspace, xanga, LJ). Many are rich suburban kids, newly introduced into the rock scene, and tend to add thier own teenie bopper style.

Many try to hug the style of straight edgers, despite thier lack of knowledge of what it is. Online they tend to add X's in everything they type or write. Thier ussually very femine, and highly into fashion.
"Hey man, you wanna go hang out at the mall and pick up the new Atreyu album?"

kid: dood why are you such a fashionxcore
fashionxcore: *flips combover* im not silly.
by cam77 January 13, 2006
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Referring to the heavy unfashionable winter jacket and patterned mittens Sanders wore to the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
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a term used to describe scene kids that care more about hair gel, eyeliner, and chick pants than the music. they usually have a myspace and/or "el jay"
look at that fashionxcore dude with eyeliner!
by TJ Macz January 22, 2005
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Mainly girls. They wear:
-tight pants
-bright colored band shirts (who they may or may not listen to)
-large sunglasses
-vans/converse a MUST
-skirts/dresses(paired with skinny jeans)
-LOTS of plastic jewelry
-hellokitty/gloomy bear

Basically like a scene kid, but girlier. They are more concerned about the fashion than music. Often have poofy, dyed hair with bangs. They wear kandi and other accesories and constantly have loud colored hand bags. Always do the liquid eyeliner on top and peachy cheeks.
Omg! Did you see Becky in her black polka dot dress with skinny jeans underneath, and vans? She looks all fashionXcore now.
by Cassssssssssy March 31, 2007
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A girl or boy who typically wears bright colorful band tees, tight pants, studded belts, and does their hair in a fashionable way.
A lot of people compare them to scene kids, only instead of being all about the music, they're all about finding their own fashion.
Most of them either alter their clothing to fit them, DIY add things like patches, rips, worn in spots, etc., to their clothes to make them unique.
Some girls wear oversized jewelry (like large bead necklaces and chunky bracelets).
Most also really enjoy doing funky natural color combinations with their hair. (Like having medium to dark brown hair and putting a patch of random platinum blonde highlights in a section right in the middle of cheek-bone brushing bangs.)
::"Did you see that Fashion x core girl in a navy blue/white mini polka-dotted shirt, large white beaded necklace, chunky silver bracelets, worn jeans and converse sneakers, with brown hair and blonde streaked bangs? She looks great."

::"Yeah. I saw her. She was wearing green converse yesterday."
by Jump_girl_jump May 10, 2006
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-Big Choppy Hair
-Neon Colors
-Heavy Make up
-Tight Pants
-Myspace Famous
Often Mistaken with the word "Scene"
FashionxCore Kids Are People Like
-Jenn Curbstomp
-Dakota Rose
-Kiki Kannibal

Also Known as "Scene Queens"
by westolethesunrise July 02, 2009
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