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Now, I've noticed people that are actually writing these definitions hate the term and therefore have very biased opinion. In order to really understand what it means, you have to be open to it, or maybe even consider yourself “fashionxcore.”

Fashionxcore is a term NOT only for “scene-sters” and people in bands that are image conscious. To be fashionxcore you have to be fashion forward, very confident with wearing stuff that not everyone will have the guts to wear. It just so happens that those people tend to be the show goers and bands. They tend to have the most outrageous hair, the most impressive style. And it’s a tad irritating that people seem to hold that against them.

Guys in skinny tight girls pant? Not every guy is so confident with his sexuality that he can actually pull those off without feeling like a fag, same goes for the hair. Usually the people “bashing” fashionxcore are people that don’t understand it and/or don’t have enough confidence to pull off anything as drastic themselves.

It has turned into somewhat of a joke, but that’s fine. To each their own.
"isn't that guy SOOOOO fashioncore???"
by xogabixo November 09, 2006
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