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Fartoxide: (n)
Colourless, odorful gas excreted from the anus during times of flatulence.
Shortened form of Crappy Fartoxide, aka, Fartoxodis crappus

Highly offensive, yet very healthy to the flatuating individual, fartoxide never ceases to gross ous girls, unless they are the ones who are producing it.

In which case, if a girl is producing it, it is highly concentrated, and most often deadly; whereas, boys generally have nasty sounding ones, they have a lower death rate than farts excreted from a girl.

Fartoxide has played a huge role in global warming, as some call it, but the more appropriate term would be climate change. When MSG was highly in almost all chinese food, more horrible farts were emitted and fartoxide present in the air ripped a big one in the ozone layer.

Ever since the american govt. told the chinese to reduce the MSG, fartoxide has greatly reduced in lethalness; however, thanks to the mormons and the Duggars, fartoxide concentration is expected to rise, seeing as how mormons and the Duggars are full of hot air. Of course, it is not just the mormons and the Duggars who are full of hot air, some republicans, some democrats, emos, fat people, scientologists, and christians are bloated to the point of exploding at any given moment.

The only way to stop climate change, or global warming, whatever passes your gas, is to eliminate all of the above catagories, which would be quite hard, considering the mass quantities of people on the earth. The more effective method to reduce fartoxide would be to somehow create a device, or perhaps a pill, that makes you eat a sixteenth of the required portion of calories, thus, closing the anus and reducing fartoxide from poisoning the earth.

Scientists and the WHO are working on a solution to reduce this horrible tragedy which is corruping the earth, however, due to the swine flu, focus on resolving the problem has come to a standstill.
Generic guy named Donald: "*rips a big one* Ooop! I just farted!"
Generic girl named Renee: "Looks like you've just contributed to global warming with your fartoxide!"

Generic guy named Mark: "*gross machine gun farts* Yeah... check out my fartoxide polluting the air. Take that democrats and hippies."
Generic girl named Renee: "*glares*"
Generic guy named Charles: "Haha, that's a good one. It's.. oh god! *collapses due to noxious fartoxide*."
by 'Nay May 24, 2009
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