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fartography is what worthless art school kids end up with diplomas in
joe -isn't that lynda? she's one of those worthless art school kids that never works, isn't she?-

jen - oh no, she's majoring in fartography
by Comrade Plasternasty May 02, 2009
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the study of the interrelations between fart and place.

by analogy: as "terroir" is to wine, so is fartography to flatulence.

the most skilled fartographers are able to identify with uncommon specificity not only the ethnic background of the individual who authored a particular fart, but also the kind of food that person ate, whether or not his or her ancestors grew up near a farm or at high altitude, and whether he or she is lactose intolerant.

fartography is a fascinating discipline whose implications are only now becoming clear.

among pioneering practitioners, Johnald G. Stinkefeller is notable for his contributions to the field.
civilian: jesus! what the hell is that smell?

fartographer: indeed, indeed. that most certainly is an emission from a person of subcontinental origin.

civilian: goodness gracious! well, i daresay...

fartographer: moreover, said person seems to have a particularly hearty meal of boeuf bourguignonne. the sulfuric notes suggest a person with a severe allergy to gluten, as well as a miniaturized anal aperture which undoubtedly contributes to the floral top note. i would suggest that the person in question is...

civilian: damn you, stinkefeller!

fartographer: you. you farted. and that's how fartography works, son.
by trilliam turdsworth December 23, 2018
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displaying the fact that someone farted publically. also known as "fart porn".
Tifani says: i keep farting :|

Emma says: EWWWW, i should put that in a myspace bulletin ahahaha

Tifani says: no, that's fartography!
by emmaisnang July 19, 2008
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