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A specific type of proverbial ice, or social barrier, specifically relevant to intimate relationships and close friendships.

The first person in a relationship/friendship to fart in front of the other first, has broken the fart-ice.
John: So, you have been seeing Mary for almost a year. Have you guys broken the fart-ice yet?

Mike: Yeah man, she totally broke the fart-ice first. She's a keeper.
by neelyjohns April 18, 2010
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The barrier that stands between two people (most commonly in a new relationship) being comfortable enough to fart in front of each other.
Travis broke the fart ice between Phil and his girlfriend while the three of them were at a social gathering and Travis let one rip. To ease the tension and awkwardness, Travis said β€œthat was just some asshole talking shit”. Phil and his girlfriend shared a laugh about the event and commentary and as a result, Phil and his girlfriend have felt comfortable farting in each other’s presence. Fart ice can be broken in many ways and it can be broken by anyone. It can be done by accident, or on purpose, or inadvertently by a third party.
by dviv August 23, 2019
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In a sexual or romantic relationship between two people, whomsoever farts first in front of the other and shatters the superficial decorum of social etiquette.

Phrases- breaking the fart ice
1. While they were making out on their third date, she broke the fart ice.

2. When he broke the fart ice, she fell more in love with him.

3. They had a threesome and grandma broke the fart ice.
by Rabbit haul August 03, 2018
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