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The resulting lingering smell that encompasses an individual after releasing gas in a room with low ventilation.
Thinking she was alone, Cindy passed gas in her office cubicle. Five seconds later, her boss walked over to give directions. At this time, Cindy may think to herself, "Oh no! My boss just totally walked into my fart wall !"
by Lone Tooter February 17, 2010
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When a victim walks into a rancid fart cloud face first and reacts as if they had walked into a wall by snapping their head back and making an uncomfortable face.
Matt: Wow, did you see that chick break her neck looking back at us?
Hugh: Nah, she just hit my fart wall.
* high five
by heffstar September 30, 2011
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An invisible barrier one creates around their person which wards off others. Can be used with any odor found disgusting by everybody but its source. See fritobreathwall
Jim: Has anyone asked Chris where these new TPS reports should be filed?

Steve: I would, but I saw him get the cafeteria tacos again at lunch. He'll have a three-foot fartwall surrounding his cubicle all afternoon.
by thegreenblazer May 16, 2011
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