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1. a cute guy, sort of a douchebag but sweet nevertheless. country of course, preferably from a state such as Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee etc.

2.a nickname for definition 1, when you talk to and about too many guys and your friends cant remember their names so they give them descriptive nicknames.
Girl #1: oh god, you wont believe it but Billy Joe texted me the sweeeetest thing last night.


Girl#1: *sigh* I TOLD you about him the other dayy. You know....hes the guy, tall blonde, blue eyes, kind of country, moved from Texas...southern accent...? ring a bell?

Girl #2: Ohh yeahhh, farmer boy.
by farmerboylovah May 21, 2009
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An amazing individual who wears a farmer jacket.
Has long hair just above his eyes.
Smokes cigarettes.
Is lovely.

Look! Is that Kevin the farmer boy smoking on the corner I see?
by Janice Beaverhousing March 30, 2008
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