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A farkin-dung-wanger is a "political correctionism" of a vile person that is quite literally a f_cking a_s hole; a very unique and lowly maggot of the world's a-holes.

A farkin-dung-wanger is a seedy, sly, snaky, nasty creature that is so deluded that when (s)he is called a farkin dung wanger (s)he always thinks that it is aimed at or describing anyone other than her or himself. Farkin dung wangers ALWAYS feign innocence.

A farkin-dung-wanger is a bottom feeder and always goes after relationships with people who are fresh from some traumatic type of sorrow, loss or pain. That's the only way it can get anyone to stand its vile ass. Eventually the victim regains his or her senses and is utterly turned off by the farkin dung wanger. The person begins to avoid the farkin dung wanger. That's when the farkin dung wanger takes a very nasty turn and tries to destroy the person for being repulsed by the farkin dung wanger.

It is VERY difficult to stand the sight, sound, smell, touch, much less sexual advances of a farkin dung wanger once you wake up. You inevitably push the farkin dung wanger away...and (s)he HATES you for that. It will spend the rest of its life trying to punish you for rejecting it...even though it knows it deserves it.

Often times a farkin dung wanger is scarred and hates its own mother for not loving it enough. For this the farkin dung wanger makes EVERYONE pay--especially its spouse and poor, unfortunate children. A farkin dung wanger will eat its own young if left to its own devices for too long or too often.

Many farkin dung wangers hate their own children yet salivate over every one else's. This is dangerous! Single parents must NEVER date a farkin dung wanger. It will wait until you are asleep, tip toe into your child or children's bedroom and violate the child or children. It's TRUE!

A farkin dung wanger usually has very low self-esteem and tries to make up for sexual, character, personality and other inadequacies by sexing as many injured victims as it can. (The typical male farkin dung wanger tries to hide his latent proclivities by mindlessly womanizing as many desperate, unsuspecting females as he can trick into his slimy bed.) A farkin dung wanger is usually dealing with some very intense feelings of not measuring up. The males often experience dread over their lack of machismo and member-size.

A farkin dung wanger knowingly spreads AIDS and other STD's.

A farkin-dung-wanger has no regard for anyone other than him or herself. A farkin-dung-wanger changes and twists the truth in order to fit his or her own warped non-reality.

A farkin-dung-wanger never takes responsibility for his or her own vile actions as everything is always the fault of another.

A farkin-dung-wanger will f_ck you, f_ck you up and then smile and laugh as it blames YOU for being f_cked up all whilst zipping it's greasy fly.

A farkin-dung-wanger makes no distinction between eating "cats" and slurping wands. It does not know up from down. A farkin-dung-wanger always takes whatever it can get...any way it comes.

A farkin dung wanger will cold stab you in the face and swear he's innocent while you bleed out and she plays in your warm blood before drinking it.

A farkin dung wanger will domestically abuse you and call it your doing...EVERYTIME! It will almost tempt you to believe this. DON'T!

And the worst thing a farkin dung wanger does is it abandons his/her own children while calling it "going out in pursuit of its own happiness." A farkin dung wanger's children grow up feeling abandoned, confused and heart-broken. The farkin dung wanger gets off on this because it also hurts its co-parent. That's all that matters to the farkin dung wanger.

A farkin dung wanger will ruin your life and then come back to kill you.
"That smarmy farkin-dung-wanger lied to his wife saying he faithfully loved her and lied to his whore saying he wasn't married anymore all while letting broke back in the back door as he hissed and screamed for more."

"Beware the farkin dung wangers!"

"Never, ever pick up the soap or fall asleep when a farkin dung wanger is around; your hind quaters shall be butchered."

"If you know a farking dung wanger--RUN! Oh, it'll slobber, beg and cry, but whatever you do, DO NOT feel sorry for it...or you will be REALLY sorry one day! RUN!"
by Halleluja Harris July 24, 2009
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