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Lybian business owner who rips people off. Loves the "small talk" technique to derive information from unsuspecting customers in an effort to get an idea of how much money to take the customer for. Constantly uses the phrase "Do you follow me?" in order to appear as though he has more knowledge about a topic than you do.
Eric, I can't believe you just charged that poor old lady that much; you're such a Faraj!
by like garage September 28, 2006
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the most loving , caring guy you will ever meet . has so many friends and if ur his friend he will protect you no matter what. he always put others first . everyone wants to be his friends . heโ€™s so loyal
person 1 : โ€œwhoโ€™s that guy over there , he seems so nice?โ€
person 2 : โ€œthatโ€™s farajโ€
person 1: โ€œoooh i wanna be his friendโ€
by oofoklol February 08, 2019
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(meaning pussy in Arabic and written ูุฑุฌ ): a colloquial term for a virgin Muslim Algerian/Moroccan woman ready to be married
if you want a Middle Eastern woman for marriage, don't look on Craigslist, ask around if anyone has a Faraj to offer.
by sexydimma March 06, 2018
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