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A tablet bought solely for the purpose of watching porn.
"Why do you have just the browser on the homescreen of your tablet?"

"Because it's my faplet."

"Goddammit Jim!"
by krazyfrog September 02, 2013
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A variant of faptop (An old computer used only to view adult content or act as a receptacle for said content), in which the device is a tablet or smartphone instead of a more expensive laptop or desktop. These devices are used because they may be cheaper than a full-fledged computer, they are more difficult to get viruses on (especially in the case of iOS devices), and are more expendable/disposable.
Bob's computer was old and sucky, but it was the only one he had, and he had to share it with relatives, so it was not fit for faptop duty. Instead he went to Walmart and bought a $100 faplet.
by UNDEFINED_PROXY_1337 December 09, 2013
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a gamer during online game flames team mates and or opponent team players for ping or game play or Kill death ratio or rank or simply he thinks he is better than others.
Player A to B : Stop spamming you noob
Player A to B : OMG u lagger , u killed me because of lag
Player A to B : Stop rejoining the room you noob.
Player B to A : Stop being a faplet and play your game....
by xxxMLGxxx July 03, 2014
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