Fangus is a pungent, clumpy substance that looks and smells quite disgusting to the average westerner. Certain cultures consider it edible, but none find it appetizing. It is only eaten by outcasts or by those who have little else to eat. However, a few affluent people still eat it despite its nausea-inducing flavor, to the dismay of more civilized citizens.
Vincent: "Thomas, what is that you're eating?"
Thomas: "It's just a little fangus."
Vincent: "Gross! Thomas eats fangus!"
Mergatroy: "Thomas eats fangus?"
Vincent: "Thomas eats fangus!"
by A.P. Money February 14, 2008
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A bizarre Indian delicacy quite unpopular in the United States.

It is served chilled and can contain curry, potatoes, and/or primate nervous tissue.
Dude: "What is that?"

Pratyush: "It's delicious and nutritious fangus."

Dude: "That doesn't look very appetizing."
by CornwallisCotton December 8, 2008
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Fangus--A complete idiot or the act made by a complete idiot. Can be used as a adjective, verb, and a noun.
Could be substituted as the word fuck
May also be a sub for any curse word in the act of causing pain or it could mean jibberish

Jimmy--Wow your a complete fangus!!!
Henry--You were the one who fangused up that girl.
Richard--Geez you have fangus hair.
John--Holy fangus!
Mike--Fangus I hit my toe!
by richard (clepre) October 5, 2006
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P1: Dude, Matty has fangus!
P2: How would you know, bro?
P1: Your mom told me it looked, smelled and tasted horrendo.
by gitvongat July 16, 2008
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To slow down a process in a way that inconveniences others behind in line at a stoplight, in a drive through line, etc.
That guy was looking at his phone and totally wang fangused the line! What a wang fangoose! *honk*
by RickyDobes May 26, 2021
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