Stories (usually utter crap) that wannabe 11-year-old "writers" post on websites for literate people to cringe over. They are most often created so some idiotic girl wishing she was half-talented can talk herself into believing she's actually pretty good (to beat it all, people will actually READ and PRAISE her for it). Other times, they are made because: the girl can't come up with her own storyline or characters, so she copies and trashes the author's; she wants to see her favorite characters have sex so she will get extra views from full-time masturbators, or possibly she simply hates the readers and/or the author and wants to disgrace literature. The best-deemed fanfiction are a combination of all three.
Why do English teachers dislike fanfiction?

Because they're literate.
by Trevrizent February 10, 2015
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A blemish on the otherwise shiny, brassy name of creative writing.
"Oh lord, she wrote an Inu-Crappa self-insert fan fiction..."
by Alexander Girard September 21, 2005
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a story based on real people with a fake story line written by extreme super fans of whatever the story is about, usually about celebrities and is often EXTREMELY CREEPY.
creepycelebritiesfanficfan fictionwriting
by oh, hello there! August 17, 2009
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Fan fiction: throwing originality and copyright laws out the window to give those who can't think of their own ideas a sense of satisfaction.
Fan fiction writer: Oh my gosh, I totally just wrote an awesome Twilight fan fiction and Bella and Jasper totally made out!!!!!1!!

Real writer: Oh, that's interesting. I just wrote a well-developed original plot line that actually makes sense and isn't based off of somebody else's idea.
by aspiringnovelist April 04, 2010
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Fanfiction (also known as Fanfics) is writing that remixes characters, places, or plots from existing narratives to tell new, original stories. Existing narratives could mean things like popular books, TV shows, movies, games, comics, or plays. Some types of fanfiction even cast real people as characters in the stories. Fanfiction can expand the story world or can take known characters in completely new directions.
Fangirl 1: Hey I'm writing a new fanfiction
Fangirl 2: OMG what's it about
Fangirl 1: You, me, and our favorite ban
Fangirl 1's sister: you two need a life
by ari5sos January 12, 2015
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Fanfiction is, quite frankly, fiction written by fans, which either PORTRAYS:</p>

<p>1) <b>CHARACTERS</b> in a different light (often the way the fanfiction-author believes him/her to be like). More than half of the time, a fanfiction-author will most likely use only the obvious traits that these characters display, and sometimes, monopolize these traits in a way that a few consider to be out of proportion.</p>

<p>2) <b>SITUATIONS</B> the fanfiction-author had not seen and, possibly, will not see within the original, published work. These situations can take place within the original work's time frame, environment, etc, or they can take place in an alternate time and/or environment, which then makes the fanfiction AU (Alternate Universe).</p>

<p>3) RELATIONSHIPS which might or might not stay true to the original, published work. More than half of the time, characters might be out of character due to the aforementioned (1&2), but occasionally, an author will stay true to a character's personality as they match them up with another character. </p>
<p>Example (1 -CHARACTERS):<br>
a) "pretty boys" can be feminine physically, mentally, and/or emotionally - even if their original character might not be (<i>Youko Kurama/Minamino Shuuichi</i> - needy, weepy, easily hurt - from Yoshihiro Togashi's <u>Yuu Yuu Hakusho</u>)<br>

<br>the personality traits and quirks of a character hinted in original work is then be written out fully by the fanfiction-author, as a means to get a better understanding of the character, or show this possible side of a character to others (<i>Kuwabara Kazuma</i> - kindhearted, brave, lives with older sister, perhaps without parents, gangs - from Yoshihiro Togashi's <u>Yuu Yuu Hakusho</u>)

<p>Examples (2 -SITUATIONS):
<br>characters that had died in the original work will be brought back to life, either with or without a reasonable explanation as to how their death might not have been real ... or how they were saved by whatever means were necessary (<i>Sirius Black</i> from J.K.Rowling's <u>Harry Potter series</u>)</p>

<br>characters of one published, original work is thrown into the universe of another published, original work; these fanfictions are called crossovers (Yoshihiro Togashi's <u>Yuu Yuu Hakusho</u> and J.K.Rowling's <u>Harry Potter</u> series)</P>

<p>Examples (3 -RELATIONSHIPS)
<br>two characters who, in the published, original work, did not have a strong relationship would, in the fanfiction, be involved either romantically (<i>Draco Malfoy</i> and <i>Harry Potter</i> from J.K.Rowling's <u>Harry Potter</u> series) or non-romantically (<i>Harry Potter</i> and/or <i>James</i> and <i>Lily Potter</i> from J.K.Rowling's <u>Harry Potter</u> series)</p>
by Random Idiot Ri April 14, 2006
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Something really fun for extrenely bored people who like their favorite show/movie/video game too much. Some are good. Most of them, however, are bad.
MSTing bad fanfiction gives people headaches, but does the world a service
by Cherrie October 30, 2003
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