Family and relatives, a mix of the two words which first came about when I was trying to explain to someone we needed to get to her father and her great-grandmother. I could not decide between the two words, so I jumbled them together without knowing.
Me: Hey, come on, let's get out of this section, we need to get to your falatives.
My friend: My what?
Me: Your... family and relatives. Is that a word?
My friend: It is now.
by AkujiD August 07, 2009
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fal is very awesome so cool #girlboss and malik is monkey
fal is awesome she is so cool z fal is cool
by bigfatfatshit September 28, 2021
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someone that you are so lucky to have her in your life and she is so intelligent and sweet and the most kindest person ever and she always will be jade’s baby and none can take her place in my heart please give her a lot of love she is so attractive and funny, im so blessed to have her + stan winwin and yoon and lee know 😼
fal♡︎ is a baby
by Jadé December 01, 2020
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Someone or something thats so painfully looking.
James Ugursan is soooooooooooo pain-fal
by Crowdelow August 21, 2010
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a dirty fal is a girl who will do whatever you want but also put you in your place when you need it
dude i was telling fal to give me a bj and she slapped me because i was “too demanding

bro that’s a dirty fal
by lucy278 September 11, 2021
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