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1: Discrimination towards a person or group of people solely dependent on their faith, beliefs or religion.
- Used in place of racism when applicable.

2: A belief that faith or religion is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that religious differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular religion or beliefs.
Person one - "All Muslims are terrorists."
Person two - "Dude, do you know that for sure? Don't use faithism if you don't have your facts straight."

"I hate to use faithism, but Jack the Buddhist is lazy, come to think of it, all Buddhists can't get off their asses."
by Randy D. December 25, 2007
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An idea that your faith or religious belief is superiour to other religious beliefs or faiths and that it must be spread either pacifically by migration and high birth rates or violently by holy wars. It also means that faithists, people who consider their religion most truthful, will use manipulative techniques to either lie about their intentions or openly suppress minority religions leading to enslavement or genocides in some cases.
by googlepunisher1488 October 23, 2016
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Predjudice; see> Racism&Sexism

The judgment, hatred or exilation of someone based on their religous views.
Even If A Boy& A Girl love eachother very much, the Boy will be threatened& forbidden by his Mother from seeing this girl because she is not "Saved"

ie, the Mother is a Faithist -religionist-
, the Girl is a victim of Faithism -religionism-
by carebear727 September 22, 2009
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1. Commitment to religious faith (especially in the supernatural) as indispensable to knowing about the world, and as of primary importance in human affairs.
2. Commitment to the use of faith as a basis for epistemology and epistemic content (knowledge). More specifically, regarding as a basis for knowledge faith in entities (especially of allegedly supernatural status), the belief in the existence of which is not supported by publicly verifiable scientific or material evidence.

2. Doctrinal bigotry against, and denigration of those that do not share the same doctrinal faith commitment (often expressed as a devaluing of persons as lost, damned, immoral, amoral, or spiritually sick).
1. Scientists and engineers who desire to mount an effective and successful space mission cannot rely upon faith in the supernatural, and thus cannot adopt an attitude of faithism to achieve their goals.
2. That believer is not participating in Nazism, but certainly is engaged in bigoted faithism.
by The Order of the Cockscomb September 23, 2016
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