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The fact that all Philly sports teams often come so close to winning a championship, but fall just short every time. Philly teams haven't won a title since 1983; every city with at least three teams (except Cleveland) has had at least one of them win a title since then, even Phoenix!
The curse of Failadelphia was prevalent in 2004, as the Eagles and Flyers lost in their league semifinals. It even spread to other sports, as St. Joes basketball fell just short of the Final Four and Smarty Jones barely lost the Belmont Stakes in his bid for the Triple Crown.
by Dewey June 15, 2004
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Philadelphia Pennsyltucky and it's people,schools,and teams who fail to stand up to any real tests.
In failadelphia they'd rather backtalk observers than actually work towards something called improvement.
by JoeNJ2 April 21, 2011
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