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Similar to Faggot, see faggot. Basically, this is derived from modern civilized pandas who discovered the word faggot, eventually the term needed to sound a little more cheesy like mrs. juarez-medina says, so the faggot changed into faggort. It is the same meaning, just different tone. The invention of this word came from yogurt, which is actually a type of liquid used to eat to make bad breath go away, the modern civilized pandas combined yogurt with the term faggot to make faggort.
Text Message:
Hinson: dude just put your arm around her.
Panda: no man, thats gay dude.
Hinson: cmon man dont be a pussy.
Panda: stfu faggort god damn, thats a dick move aight?
Panda: yes, indeed
by pandaboyx September 20, 2009
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A homosexual anus eating cock choking spooge slurper who gets intercourse only when his dad is feeling randy.
Connor and James are faggorts.
by John July 13, 2003
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