when a player of a video game who is new to the game (otherwise known as a noob), gets very angry and agitated because they don't like the game, and the start to sound like an arguing homosexual couple.
there was this noob on DOTA who was so faggitated, he rage quit
by sty123 August 4, 2015
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The mixture of the slang term faggit and fighter used to design a fighter or athlete that sucks in any combat sport ,specially in mma
Mark:"-That dude sucks at cage fighting"

Tony:"- hes such a faggiter"
by MoreThanWords August 25, 2010
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Also spelled "Craig Faggot" though the original title is the most common. This is the nickname for Craig Mabbit, new singer if the hardcore/screamo/metalcore band Escape the Fate. Replaced the singer Ronnie Radke after Radke was went to jail. Craig Faggit is hated by 90% of ETF fans.
Person: Craig Faggit will never compare to the sexylicious Ronnie Radke!

Me: Damn straight he won't! Radke is teh sex!
by --Rehabilitated-- May 9, 2011
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1 a meme on the internet.
2 a person mainly named sam or bob, who has done something incrediblely stupid.
by SaXoPhOnE gUy March 2, 2017
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a person who knocks a faggit in to place
gay dude; Uhh, why did you hit me.

ben coy; I was knocking your gayass into place you faggit knocker .
by dookie twirl August 13, 2016
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or 'paper faggots' are two gay people that engage in domestic partnership. Basically meaning you have a piece of paper that confirms you're a faggot.
Fags: We're newly weds!

Insensitive Straight Guy: Congratulations you two.. you're now paypa faggits.

Fags: *go home mopey, and fuck their own faces"
by Fart Noggin January 25, 2010
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Noun; One who wears many beanies and skinny jeans in an attempt to get his v. Doesn't actually have tumblr. Want's to be a scene kid.
by HORSE 97 February 13, 2013
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