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In the movie Midnight Madness there was a group of Jock's, Nerds, Tuff guys
and Cheerleaders. While in a van riding around, the bunch were putting letters together to de-code a secret-message to reveal the next place they had to be. The guy in the back of the van put the letters together that spelled out the word FAGABEEFY. Then he said it out load - "Fagabeefy?"... and it was good.
by John Robinson October 09, 2004
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a total douchebag. A person lacking any people skills; a cockblocker; a person with homosexual tendencies.
When I walked into work today, I saw Jake trying to hit on Lynda. God, what a total fagabeefy!
by Smarge June 09, 2007
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A moderately handsome man of substandard intelligence. Prone to moments of clarity but for the most part tries to intrest females to slather their genetils with oatmeal so he can....take photos.
by Sarah February 14, 2005
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