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Awful site full of 16 - 20yr old chavs who have the following common traits on their profile:

1 - Their musical taste is "R n B/Hip-Hop/Dance"
2 - Next to "Favourite Author" there is always some comment about "books r 4 saddos" or something.
3 - If male, perfect partner is: "Jordan - she iz mint"
4 - If female, perfect partner is "Vin Deezel" or "Orlando Bloom".
5 - Favourite film for girls "Dirty Dancin".
6 - Favourite film for lads - "2Fast2Furious".
7 - Hobbies include "Gerrin' wrecked wiv ma crew"
8 - TrUe WaNkErS tYpE lIkE tHiS.
Faceparty - created by dicks for dicks.
by Lewis1983 May 31, 2005
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A personals site based in Britain, where people can post their photo for everyone to see, boast about themselves, pretend to be someone else, or indulge their narcissism to their heart's content. Tempted by offers of apparently non-existant parties in London, people sign up to find that the site encourages them to insult other members, deface their photographs, and steal things in exchange for jelly beans. Tragic.
"I thought faceparty would be great, but then I saw through the bullsh*t"
by Nicky March 11, 2005
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the worlds most selective website on earth, invites only by the admin team, free events/parties, exerllant social networking site, definitly not a dating site as people are banned for whoring themselves.
the site everyone hates on because they were band for being a knobber!
Faceparty is utopia!
by samwise50pence January 15, 2009
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Faceparty - craftyape:

The best social networking website around.
The admin actually look after the people that use the website, set up meets and throw the best parties in exsitance. There are about 1000 if not more regulars on the site, which generaly tend to get along with each other, then there is the lurkers, people get along with them but some of them are fakes, or people just using the site to promote the buisiness or get their cock wet.
to get onto the site you have to make friends with the admin or the regulars to obtain a password, and if you disobey any of the rules you will get band
All of the above and much more make this site the best thing ever.... In the whole world
20/12/2008 - Mushroom party - best partu ever

11/4/2009 - Marshmallow party - Next best faceparty ever
by bextah May 01, 2009
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A site where you can post ur photo and meet people 4 sex....!
by Smita April 28, 2005
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Clearly the person that posted the definition calling Faceparty "tragic" is too ugly to make use of Faceparty's main benefit, namely its use as a forum for people to meet with a view to having totally meaningless sex.
"I went on Faceparty last night, met a chick and was round her house banging her face within the hour."
by Hoona April 05, 2005
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